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may I requested that can you financial help atlist 5 billion to 10 billion US$ to settle my family and school problems. if you able manage it, I will free from the school management and family care, then I can join with you as a good boyfriend or husband whatever you like ,right?

oky, so please help me financially if you want really love me!!!!!!! . I am here not playing game. I need a reachist woman who can help financially . if you can't able help do not send any email.
hi dear friend     ))))                                           I am Chandrakanta Sigdel founder principal of LITTLE HEAVEN ENGLISH ACADEMY GULARIY 5, BARDIYA, NEPAL  .   It's a private school,here are 500 students studying from nursery to 10 class. I teach Nepali subjects and some time music also teach them.  some poor people's kids are studying in my school. I have to make building, hostel, for school. I am searching some Donner who helps financially. my contract +9779848135004 [email protected]

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