请你当我手心里的宝。Hey! l am a business owner who runs the Real Estate and own my private villa in Sanya and Zhenghou. Even though l am an successful entrepreneur now, my wife left me at my age of 34 when my business is at a low point.finally i make it and succeed . I try to keep myself with muscle. I am very family oriented and would say that I'm one of the good guys. I love when my girl falls asleep either in my arms of with her head on my chest. I'm the type of guy who wears my heart on my sleeve and am still competitive at things I do. I'm looking for something long term with a woman that is very special,I am an easy man , and like to help people if in trouble, likes to rush, holiday in foreign country, the thing that i most interest is forests because it can relax the mind and can be relaxed with the sounds of caffeine that can calm down the mind.do you wanna enjoy vacation with me ?

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