Dian fu

谁能体会又当爹又当妈的苦和难?我是一位优秀的父亲, 能不能成为合格的丈夫你来决定lol(crying~~~)Who knows how hard it is to cry as a father and a mother? I am a single father, raising and caring for my daughter by myself. Twenty-five years ago, my wife left because of illness. For twenty-five years, in order to make up for the trauma of my daughter's soul, I devoted all my efforts to business. Now business is good. My daughter has grown up and married because she studied abroad and married in the United States. At the moment, my life is loneliness and pets, besides ball games and travel. If you are single, if you choose a loyal gentleman to accompany you for the rest of your life, then please choose me and give you a warm home and qualified man, will you?往后余生,呵护是你陪伴是你

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