hi,can you tell that I am a Mixed Blood,dear?My father is a Russian man ,My mother is a Chinese ,even my father is elder than mom 12 years old ,they always fall love with each other for almost thirty years. so for me age is not a problem .my parents do business in Settle now.i am in China and i have my own business.it is about Luxury selling and cosmetics selling.Even though I have a luxurious life, I do not like these luxuries.they cannot make me feel comfortable.but i still like my business.because of it,i have known many friends and my work give me a lot of money to enjoy life.i have a big villa and two supercars.and other houses in some cities in China.i am 26 years old,not very young anymore.i am here sincere to find a boyfriend.My purpose is to marry him.but before this,i need to know him first.so i think we should have a date first.if you are interested and want to know me more.message me,if we have the chemistry,i will fly to you!

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