Loyal,trustworthy,straight-forward,respectful of others.even though i'm kinda wild.I'M the guy your father warned you about.more wiser&mature now though--lol i think.I WON'T TELL YOU TO FALL IN LOVE WITH ME RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I WANT IT TO COME NATURALLY TO YOU.I work out 4-5×wk.i take a lot of herbs&vit.I happen to be a Natural Health Practitioner.Therapies include-- Reflexology,Shiatsu (accupressure),massage,muscle testing,ERT (emotional release therapy-I also do MET--(Muscle extenion technic)cross between physio&chyropractor.i like to play camping&fishing..once i find that special woman,i'll let her know "SOME"of my games please,my heart is to lonely for that nonsense! " I'LL TELL YOU LADIES ONLY ONE SECRET NOW & AND I'M NOT BEING PERVERTED NOR AM I BRAGGING BUT I'M VERY BIG DOWN THERE--ROUGHLY 11&1/2 INCHES WHEN HARD. THE OTHER SECRETS YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO WAIT TILL WE GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER. Until then,i'll wait patiently till that special lady comes along.

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