Liang Bo Yu

I'm Liang Boyu from Sichuan China, came here hoping to start a new journey of my life. In the past I had a marriage.just three months before our wedding, my wife was diagnosed with leukemia, and it was too late. she was determined to break up with me because she wanted me to find my own happiness. i would never abandon my family and love,so we married at my begging! Finally she left me peacefully. in the later years, i put all my effort on my business.Through my continuous efforts and efforts, I have successfully started my own design company. and now it is time for me to find my love and start new life. past is past, it doesnt means that i forget my past or remember it all the time. she was my love when i was young and a nice person, and she also wish me to be happy. i would love to find someone special, who understand me and enjoy life with me for my rest life.
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