hi , loving and to be loved, is what i desire most in my life rite now , i am a very humble, loving, and caring, i am here to find my luck . this is my first time of trying to search for love on a website like this, and i hope that this should make you understand how serious i can be , i have most of the beautiful things that life can offer any woman, but yet i feel so empty, so i came to realize that, its because i lack a man that can love and protect me. i know you may be wondering why a beautiful lady like me is still single, but i will tell you why. i am still single and searching for love , because i have been so busy with my school work, that i decided to keep everything aside for now, but studies is not all a woman needs , a woman also needs a man to spice up her life for her, and i just realized it now. i am so loving, fun to be with, and caring too . just write me a letter, or live me a message , maybe we are the peffect match for each other . thanks

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