Simple happiness is when there are people who need you in their lives, I have many friends who need me, but I do not have a man who would need me, so I'm here.r
Life is so full of surprises, the last couple of years opened my eyes, which I could never imagine, I could never imagine that I would have to flee from my own city, where I thought I was happy, I never imagined people whom I considered good friends can become the worst enemies, and I never thought that people whom I barely knew would give me so much support.r
My world turned upside down, but I am glad, because I finally feel that I have woken up from some evil dream and finally live!r
Everything that has changed in my life has made me a much more open person and a person who is no longer afraid of change. Changes are always good, and I do not want to stop.r
To come here was a decision that I never made, but I am ready to change my destiny, are you ready to change it with me? ) I'm just a real woman with ordinary wishes - I fou

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