Léia Alves

SO QUERO SER E FAZER ALGUEM FELIZ, The difference between the girl and the woman is that the girl is attracted by beauty and conquered in words, the woman is already attracted by personality and conquered for attitudes. No matter how many steps you take back, the important thing is how many steps you are going to take now. Start again ... if you can, without anguish and without haste and the steps you take, on this hard path of the future, release it, as long as you don't reach rest, from any fruit you want only half. To start over, you have to keep in mind that everything which is good must be remade, revived. Doors of freedom, windows of trust, seated on bricks of truth and justice. On the ceiling, a slab of affection and forgiveness, so that we can be sheltered from the storms that life inevitably brings. On the floor, a safe and solid floor, made of companionship and commitment, will be the basis for walking hand in hand .

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Jan 11